Who we are

My Name is Nicky Wolfe

Wolfe Consulting Nicky Wolfe

After a Business career spanning over 40 years.  I have now semi-retired and concentrate on SME business Mentoring
and Consulting.

This includes new management methodologies, The “Toyota Principals of Management”, Financial Risk and Controls, Sales and Marketing.

I have experience covering a FTSE 100 national fashion retailer, Marketing/Advertising and for the last 20 years, I have been heavily involved in providing technology services and advising on Internet and related technologies, including, digital and online Marketing. I have also, alongside other responsibilities, been a Financial/Wealth Advisor, laterally, with Rothschilds

10 of the last 20 years was spent as Commercial Director of a corporate ISP, advising some of the country’s top blue chip companies and organisations including Royal British Legion, KPMG, DEC (Tsunami Appeal), Henkel, Vtech, RAF Museum, Flare Creative (Geoff Howe Marketing) British Airways – Air Miles, Hostel Bookers, IMI, BII, Ricall Ltd.

I then founded “Online It Advice” as a technology solutions provider and Internet Consultancy Company – still trading. From 2012/13, I semi-retired and started Wolfe Consulting.

Any Business Consultant or Mentor needs to have a wide knowledge and personal experience “on the ground”. You can see from my history above, that I have just that.


Give me a call and see how you can Benefit from my Experience.