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Business Planning

Every good businessman is thinking of the future. Ideas come all the time, but how often do we put them together in a written plan. Maybe if we are going to the bank to talk about an overdraft facility or a loan for expansion. If not is your idea for future development down on paper. Do you look at it, do you update it, do you consider what is not working if you have not achieved the goals you have laid down. If you have achieved the goals do you upgrade the target. Consulting Services for small businesses

 Financial Controls, Risk Assessments

Wolfe Consulting Results

Every business needs good financial control. You may have an in-house bookkeeper, you may do it yourself. You will have an outside accountant to prepare your accounts and do your tax and he may do your payroll. But apart from you do they look at the day-to-day running costs of the business, money coming in and money going out. Do they project the future cash demands on the business or is it all up to you.


Just have the opportunity to talk to someone every week. To sit down quietly with you and talk about the current work load, a staff disagreement, a sudden wage demand, a problem customer. Or you may want to just to sit down and consider how good business is and how to sustain it and grow it.

Internet & the World Wide WebWolfe Consulting WWW

The worlds biggest marketplace. “Is your IT working for you or are you working for it”. Let us help to remove the jargon and confusion and ensure your web presence and internal IT services are as effective as they can be.  The Internet could be an additional sales channel or we could help you to make it more effective. 20 years experience is at your disposal.

Marketing & Sales

If you have customers then you have sales and if you have sales then you have marketing. Every market is unique but the principles of good marketing and sales Wolfe Consulting SEO
strategy remain the same irrespective of the product or service.  You will know your market best and how to sell to and expend your client or customer base but I have been involved in marketing and sales for many years and this experience can be utilised to great advantage. Your own closeness to a familiar market may not let you see new ideas and opportunities. Are you maximising additional sales channel opportunities.

Organisational Advice
Wolfe Consulting Organisation

The market can change, and with it so may the needs of a company. The structure of any company must change to meet the demands of the market place. That does not mean that you do not have the people to meet those changing needs. The stability of staff is a good measure of the stability of a company.
Every time an experienced member of staff leaves a company they take that experience with them. A new member of staff may be very capable but will take time to settle down, understand the company policy and philosophy and start to produce the work expected of them. Meanwhile it may be costing you turnover and profit. So do you need to look at the structure of your company. When you do feel the need look at the structure with whom can you discuss you thinking on really how do you structure your company to meet the needs of the market place and of course who fits into what slot.



We offer a range of Small Business Consulting services, all designed to help your company reach its potential.